This msg is for the most wonderful
sisters of this world – badi – chhoti.
Thank u didi for always being there on my
side and for helping me in those infinite
ways which I cannot even remember…


Remembering about our beautiful childhood;
The memories I rejoice today in my adulthood.
The wonderful times that we spent together;
Reminds me when we weathered every weather.
Wishing you a joyous Raksha Bandhan!


May this Rakhi brings everything to u and fullfill ur dreams and desire,
May success accompany you in every step that you take in ur life.
Have A Wonderful Rakhi


This MSG is for most wonderful Sister of world.
thank u Sister for always being there on my-side
for helping me in infinite ways winch I cant even remember!!


B: Boundless in energy
R: Receptive to needs
O: Outstanding people
T: Tender-hearted
H: Helpful at all times
E: Exemplary in conduct
R: Responsible at all times
I pride in having you as my brother!


God sent in my life a beautiful Angel in your guise, Sister. In good times or bad ones, you’re ready to extend your help and support. Thanks for all you do

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